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“Where Preparation and Opportunity Meets Success”

Mission Statement

Essential Foundations Tutoring Service offers a whole-child approach supporting & challenging academic, social and intellectual growth. We encourage children to be active members of their community while preparing collegiate & career bound youth.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an atmosphere where students can grow academically, socially and personally while enabling them to think critically and apply knowledge practically. We envision creating youth that are ready to step in to the 21st century fully aware of where they are going, how to get there as well as how to be positive, productive members of a constantly evolving society.



Changes to Credit Card Processing

January 1, 2019

Core Values
  • Consistency- To reach your goals you must be relentless and be steady possessing strong will and vigilance.

  • Integrity- We value the honor system and encourage our youth to carry this moral throughout life and uphold themselves to the highest ethical standards.

  • Preparation- Success can only occur when preparation meets opportunity. Instilling this basic principle in out youth is essential for personal and career growth.

  • Results- Understanding what the ultimate goal is, is an intrinsic motivator. Allowing our youth to set their goals and review them periodically, will assist US help obtaining in the results we want to see

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