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Essential Foundation Tutoring has been a true blessing to my daughter.  When she started Essential Foundation Tutoring, my daughter was reading at a level 4, which was not on her grade level. When it came to reading, my daughter would get very upset and start crying because it was hard for her and she felt embarrassed. Now in just two months time she is reading at a level 10, on grade level, and is excited to read. Her confidence in herself and her reading has sky rocketed.  Her teacher has also commented several times on the improvement of her reading and her self-confidence. Thank you Essential  Foundations Tutoring, especially Ashlee, for building the foundation and the confidence that my daughter will need to excel in her academic years.   


~ Konya W.

My son has been attending tutoring sessions with Essential Foundations for some time now. Within the first month, I have seen progress in his reading skill which triggered confidence in his overall academics. So as a PROUD MOM I want to say Thank You Essential Foundations for providing the Foundations Essential in my son success.
~ Shalante D
I can't even explain how Essential Foundations has made such a wonderful impact on my sons life. His confidence has increased tremendously. He now attempts to read everything! My son was missing the basic phonics, which I guess they forgot to teach him at the school he was attending. However, once she taught him the basic phonics he went from a reading level 4 to  level 10 in less than 6 weeks. He is now reading on a level 12 and I love the fact that her goal is to not only get him on grade level, but above grade level. I love the fact that they have a flexible schedule. My son plays sports and sometimes games would conflict, however, we were able to make up missed meetings. The communication between the tutor and the parent was excellent. I would recommend their services to everyone! 
~ Krystal P.
My daughter was weak in mathematics. So a friend of my introduced me to  Essential Foundations and now child is doing great and getting A in math! Thank you so much.I'll also refer people too if any parent tells me about their child has a problem.Good job! 
~ Evelyn M.
Very impressed with the program.  Ashley is extremely professional and very hands on!! Her tutors are professional and flexible with your schedule.  My child is halfway through his program and he has already gone up two levels.  I have seen a tremendous growth in his reading.  I highly recommend this program!! 
~ C. Bey
The tutoring services were great and did enhance Bray's math skills; Travis was also a great tutor. Thanks!
~ S. Bryant
Wow! My son is now reading 3 levels above grade level thanks to Essential Foundations! Their professionalism, flexibility and commitment to the well-being of children is phenomenal! I highly recommend them to any one with a child who needs assistance in any area of their academics!
~ B. Brown
Contacting Essential Foundations was the best decision I ever made. My son will be starting Kindergarten in August and I wanted him to be as ready as possible. Ashlee and Christina have been great and really patient working with him. At first, he was not interested in all, but now he likes to read and looks forward to the sessions. I initially only wanted to do the one month summer camp, but I will definitely be continuing the sessions throughout the school year!!
~ Amber M.
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